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Hedgehog Rescue is a voluntary group of individuals who care for sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs, within our own homes in the West of England, covering  South Gloucestershire., Bath, Somerset & Bristol.  

Co-ordinated by Yate-based carer Yvonne Cox, hedgehog carers look after the animals in their own homes, with many funding their own work.  But some carers have so many hedgehogs to look after, they need financial support, so the money raised from talks, adoptions, donations and sales go to help the carers pay for food, cages and medications etc.

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Emergency Advice

If you have found an injured or orphaned hedgehog, click here for advice on what action to take.

Go to carers page for contact numbers

Emergency Advice

Hedgehog Information

The hedgehog information pages give details of hedgehogs, what they eat, how they survive, how to garden for them and other useful information.


Adopt a Hedgehog

Support our work by adopting a hedgehog. All adopters receive a certificate and hedgehog goodies.


TV & Media

Yvonne Cox has appeared on television, radio & press to promote hedgehog conservation

Buy Boxes & Food

We can supply a small range of approved hedgehog houses and food for collection or for mail order delivery

Buy Houses & Food

Many hedgehogs are killed and injured every day in Britain. As well as the pain and suffering these animals endure, many young babies are left orphaned and have to be hand-reared before release. As well as the road kills every year, humans are also responsible for many hedgehog deaths and injuries through the irresponsible disposing of litter, habitat destruction and the use of garden tools & chemicals.

Through education and awareness, Hedgehog Rescue hopes to encourage the public to consider the consequence of these actions and consider the implications to hedgehogs and other wildlife.

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages and that you learn more about our spiky friends.We would welcome your support - why not adopt a hedgehog or send a donation to us.

Buy Boxes & Food

Find out where Hedgehog Rescue will be meeting the public at shows, visits and events this year


Preventing Casualties

There are many things we can do to lower the risk of hedgehogs getting killed or injured in our gardens - this page gives advice on ways to make your garden safer.


Support Us

Support our work by adopting a hedgehog. All adopters receive a certificate and hedgehog goodies.

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